Last year's purchases of By Terry's Twinkle Glow CC Highlighter (Holiday 2020) and the V.I.P Expert Paris Mon Amour Palette (not sure if this was also a holiday release, but posts of both coming) had me pulling out both, the Matte and Shine Lip-Expert Liquid Lipsticks, into my "currently using" box. 

I'm embarrassed to say, these products haven't gotten much use since I bought them over a year ago. I thought of doing a separate post for the matte and shine formulas, but, given I only own 8 in total, I decided on consolidating the two.

For some odd reason, garter belts always come to mind when I see the packaging design. I do appreciate the clear lower half of the tubes because it allows me to see how much product is left.

First up: the Matte Lip-Expert Liquid Lipsticks. The Mattes come in 16 shades, and are described as creating "a long-lasting glamorous 'Haute Couleur' statement look. Enriched with premium ingredients, the formula applies flawlessly and ensures comfortable wear throughout the day for vibrant and kiss-proof lips."

The doe-foot applicator has a substantial arch that hugs the lips nicely, allowing for easier application. However, I prefer using a lip brush because it gives me more control, and precision. 

The formula applies well; it was extremely lightweight, and so comfortable I could barely feel it on my lips. As for being "Kiss-proof," this is where By Terry and I have to agree to disagree. Although the matte formula seems to dry down, it never truly sets. With the slightest pressure, the product smudges. I kissed the back of my hand, and had some product transfer from the corners of my lips. Throughout the day, not only did the color lose some of its vibrancy, I noticed the lipstick migrated past my natural lipline whenever a lipliner wasn't used. Also, unless you plan on eating and drinking solely from a straw, you will need to reapply after meals.

Matte Lip-Expert shades I own are (from left to right in the swatches above): 

No.5 Flirty Brown: a deep, reddened, burnt terracotta.

No.6 Chili Fig: a dark, purple leaning, raspberry.

No.7 Gypsy Wine: a deep, brown-based, red-wine. 

No.9 Red Carpet: a bright red.

No.10 My Red: a bright (yet deep) blue-based red.

No.16 Midnight Instinct: a dark, brown-based raisin.

Now, onto the Shine Lip-Expert Liquid Lipsticks. The Shines are described as a "vinyl gloss liquid lipstick." Basically, they're the gloss version of the Lip-Expert Mattes. Available in 16 shades, the color range are the exact counterpart to the Mattes, with most shades sharing the same names as well as numbers. The formula is pigmented, neither sticky or thick, giving the lips a comfy, plush, shiny pout. Since they're a gloss, I didn't expect them to be long-lasting. Without eating or drinking, they wore for about 3-4 hours. Again, I have the same gripe with the Shines as I do with the Mattes- they tend to want to wander past my lipline. 

Shine Lip-Expert shades I own are (from left to right in the swatches above):

No.1 Baby Beige: a neutral, slightly cool, pinkish-beige.

No.2 Vintage Nude: a deep, pinkish-mauve brown.

I really enjoy By Terry as a brand, and I do really like both formulas of the Lip-Experts. However, compound the wear issues I had, along with the price (4,400/$34.00), I'm having a hard time falling in love with them or wanting to purchase any more shades (and there are/were other shades I wanted).

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