Sorry for the lack of posts everyone, but it's been a very difficult month. I posted this on my Instagram, but some of you may not be connected with me on that platform. So, I'll post on here as well. A dear friend of mine, Edgar Gonzalez passed away in the Surfside Champlain Towers collapse. 

Today is Edgar's funeral, and I'm very upset that I won't be there. However, the service will be live-streamed (3:00am my time) for friends and family overseas. 

This is a photo of Edgar, Adriana, my sister, and myself. We're waiting for everyone to arrive to go to Tropical Park for one of our many nighttime games of manhunt. Edgar and Adriana were the first friends my sister and I made when we moved from Chicago to Miami; a friendship that spanned over 32 years. It's still hard to believe You're gone (I don't want to believe it) I'm going to miss you. I love you, Edgar. 

Requiescat In Pace.