This has been my longest absence from blogging, and I've missed it. Yes, not blogging has been anxiety-inducing, but I need to get my arse back on the proverbial saddle.

Having made its debut in Zoya's fall 2015 Flair Collection, Tris is a greenish-gold tinged blackened, brushed nickel, with a shimmery-metallic finish.

I'm not sure if Zoya based the polish off of Tris, the main character from the Divergent novel/film series (watched the films, haven't read the books), but I like to think so. Nevertheless, I feel the shade accurately depicts the fierce, industrial aesthetic of Dauntless. Anyhow, rant over, back to the polish. 

The consistency of the formula is thin and semi-watery. The polish applies sheer, yet even; it doesn't run along the sides of the nails, and may require several layers to reach full opacity. Depending on the length of my nails (and nail line), I can get solid color in 3-5 coats. I'm wearing 5 layers in the photo above. 

Despite the multiple coats, Tris goes on nicely, and I enjoy applying it because I just love looking at this seductive, edgy, steel shade that is befitting for winter.


  1. A greenish-gold tinged blackened, brushed nickel, with a shimmery-metallic finish... like a description of perfume. Beautiful nail polish! Having mentioning that, makeup must be in a big recession. Many blogs turn to perfumes as another source of income.

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