It's past midnight over in my neck of the woods, and I'm finally home to be able to post today's mani, Starrily Nail lacquer in Space Debris. 

According to NASA, "most debris burns up upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere. But, don't panic, your chances of getting hit by a falling piece of space waste is 10 million times smaller than the annual odds of being struck by lighting." 

Starrily's Space Debris is a clear-based top coat, loaded with micro silver glitter mixed with various sizes of silver and holographic flakes. 

The polish has a great formula, and the flakies disperse evenly and layer nicely. Also, removal is a cinch!

Space Debris is pretty worn over any shade as well as on its own. However, one way I like to wear Space Debris is over my favorite base coat (what I like to call, "the perfect airbrushed, nude pantyhose for the nails") Lauren B Beauty's Nail Perfecter. 

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