Some time ago on Instagram, I mentioned doing an exposé on the unscrupulous operations, and abhorrent customer service of beauty brands (mainly, indie brands). However, that day is not today. Instead, I want to give recognition, and praise the indie beauty brand, Rebel Rouge Labs. 

I don't recall how I discovered the brand. However, I checked, and saw my first purchase was back in 2018 when they had their Etsy store.

Maryann, the owner of Rebel Rouge Labs, is just as wonderful as her brand. I adore her creativity in illustrating and showcasing her love of art, music, and film, and how she infuses them into the themes of the collaged imagaery of the exterior packaging; the colorstory of the products, and their shade names. All of it is sublimely executed, even down to the companion stickers for every palette, I love everything about RRL.  

Maryann's attention to detail is always a fun treat for me. The labels on the back of the compacts have graphics of the animals that derives from ancient greek (I.e., Cygnus [swan] and Serpens [Serpent]). 

From left to right: Cygnus and Serpens. 

The baked marbelized mineral powders have a soft, smooth texture. They are pigmented, yet blend seamlessly to deliver a beautiful, luminous, glowing wash of color.

The Cheeky Hybrids come in 2 shades: Cygnus and Serpens, which are named after constellations of the same namesake.

From left to right: Cygnus, Serpens, and both shades mixed together. 

Cygnus: a warm, yellow-based carnation pink. 

Serpens: a warm, bronzed-peach.

Both shades can be used as a blush, but Serpens can also be used as a bronzer. Also, I like to mix Cygnus and Serpens together; I think the shade they create is very pretty (included in the swatch photo).  

I really enjoy everything about the Cheeky Hybrids, and I wish Rebel Rouge Labs would come out with more shades because I would defintely like to add more to my collection! 

I own all of their eyeshadow palettes, blushes, and the setting powder. I have yet to try the lipsticks, but I'm waiting for September 2nd to roll around to order some (if not all), along with preordering their newest Labyrinth inspired palette <3

If this is your first introduction to Rebel Rouge Labs, I highly recommend you check the brand out! 

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