Of all the seasons, I believe Fall offers the most strikingly beautiful spectrum of colors of the year. 

A September 2020 The Charity Box purchase, Jreine's Fall Rainbows is inspired by its namesake. 

I don't know the actual visual inspiration for the polish, but I feel the fall foliage landscape photo above captures the autumnal magic in the bottle. 

Fall Rainbows is a blue-tinged, tarnished silver linear holographic polish, with murky flashes of bronzed orange, brassy yellow, and withered green as well as bits of copper orange flakes. 

The formulation is fantastic, and goes on very well. Almost a one-coat polish, it needed two coats to reach full opacity (and to satisfy my greed for more flakes on each nail).

The fusion between the base's grungy undertones and the murky reflective shifts, combined with the coppery-orange flakes which resemble crushed-up autumn leaves makes Fall Rainbows a lovely linear holographic polish for the season. 

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