Globophobia - Ever heard of it? It's the fear of balloons, often stemming from the anticipation of a balloon popping, which can prompt a strong fear response. 

Now, if you're someone for whom the mere sight of a balloon makes you a tad uneasy, Orly's 'Don't Pop My Balloon can hopefully help ease that tension. 

Originally released in the Summer of 2022 as part of Orly's homage to the Pop art era, the POP! Collection, 'Don't Pop My Balloon' is a pearl-shimmer fashion fuchsia with an understated gold-to-green shift. While the shift is more noticeable in the bottle than on the nails, from certain contorted angles, you can catch glimpses of its barely-there allure. 

Be mindful during application, as Don't Pop My Balloon's shimmer-pearlized finish may show brush strokes if overworked. Apply it in smooth, straight strokes. On the plus side, its wear time is impressive; it stayed chip-free for five days before I removed it.  The photo above features two coats of Don't Pop My Balloon. 

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