This Monday is Respect for the Aged Day, a national holiday, which means we're in for a three-day weekend! yay! 

September, along with other transitional months, can be a bit challenging to adjust to. You're eager to immerse yourself in the color schemes and scents of the upcoming season, even though the weather hasn't quite caught up with the proverbial changing of the guard, and is clinging onto the climate of the former. 

Originally, I had a new shower gel lined up for September. However, the current hot and humid weather rendered its fragrance intolerable (the post of that shower gel coming later). This is where Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend shower gel comes in. 

Endless Weekend's fragrance notes are Summer Mandarin, Blue Coconut Water, and Vanilla Sandalwood. Although not listed on the back of the bottle, I also pick up scents of raspberry, lychee, apple, and a hint of floral. 

The shower gel lathers up beautifully, leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed, and lightly scented. I'm not sure if I need to continue to mention this bit, but I just feel incomplete if I don't. Also, this has nothing to do with performance and is strictly cosmetic, but I love it when shower gels are tinted. They're just pleasing to look at, and the turquoise shade of Endless Weekend is no exception. 

Endless Weekend's invigorating fruity (and slightly floral) scent is a great remedy for those reluctant to let go of summer, as well as for those of us (me) who are ready to leave the season in our rearview mirror, but still have to deal with the lag in temperature. 

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