Champagne has been associated with New Year's celebrations for centuries. However, it's been a challenge to attribute the tradition to a specific year or individual. What I've found is by the 19th century, as the celebratory, fizz libation became more widely available and associated with luxury and merriment, it became a common practice in Europe to welcome the New Year with a midnight toast of Champagne. 

My obsession with New Year's candles started many years ago with a candle that Village Candle discontinued some time ago. Although I have backups, I'm always on the lookout for the next best
thing. Fortunately, I found it with Goose Creek's 'Fizz the Season.'

I adore the wrap-around label with the champagne-filled flutes, ice-filled buckets with champagne bottles, and festive bursts of sparks. 

The scent notes of Fizz the Season are: 

Top: Cranberry Fizz

Mid: Lime, Apple

Base: Sparkling Wine, Sugar

The fragrance of Fizz the season is absolutely wonderful. The combination of cranberry, lime, a subtle hint of apple, and champagne creates a beautiful blend of sweet and tart, augmented by a fizzy effervescence. 

In terms of throw, this 14.5oz candle is a powerhouse. The scent of Fizz the Season permeated throughout my entire apartment. 

In 2022. I purchased three Fizz the Season candles. I had hoped that Goose Creek would bring it back for 2023, as I was down to my last one. Unfortunately, they didn't, and I've since finished burning my final Fizz the Season candle. Now, I'm kicking myself for not buying more! 

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