Finally, I thought I was going to be ahead of the posting curb. On the eve of New Year's, I had taken pictures of my mani for the evening, and all that was left was to write the pot for the blog. Alas, Murphy and his cursed law had other plans. By mid-afternoon, I started to feel very ill, and after a week of sickness, I'm finally starting to feel better. 

Anyhow, drivel over. Now, let's start the post with a tidbit of New Year's trivia. 

In Japan, it's customary to watch the first sunrise of the year, known as "hatsuhinode." People often hike up mountains or visit special viewing spots to witness this event, symbolizing the first dawn of a new beginning. In case you're wondering, no, I've never done hatsuhinode. 

Paradox Polish's 'Sparkling into the New Year Like...' is what I wore on New Year's Eve. 

The maker's inspiration for the polish was their readiness for the "adventures 2023 has to offer." I don't know about you, but 2023 was anything but awesome. 

Sparkling into the New Year Like... is a barely-there, grey-tinted jelly-based holo, with micro silver holo glitters and gold, black and rainbow flakes (that mainly reflect green). 

The first layer goes on very well with an even distribution of the holo glitters and flakes. My nail line is slightly visible, but opacity can be achieved with 3 (sometimes 4) thin coats. However, lately, I've really been into a peek-a-boo look. 

Paradox Polishs has created a gorgeous polish with Sparkling into the New Year Like... It
truly encapsulates the essence of New Year's Eve.

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