In the flurry of all the new and upcoming beauty products, we (and by we, I mean myself) seem to have forgotten about the products in our existing collections. I'm really trying my best to resist certain temptations (bronzers, highlighters, etc) and rotate between what I have. So, to aide me in my futile efforts, I'm going to catalog (swatch and post) everything in my collection. Grab a cup, some snacks, make yourself comfy, and let the posts commence.

These blushers have the identical color-coordinated casing as their predecessors, with the exception of the glossy, glitter coating.

From left to right: Buff, Adored, Glisten, Frisky.

All four of these blushes contain micro-glitter. But don't worry, they disappear once buffed in and, whatever remains, doesn't migrate throughout the face. 

Buff: a peachy-nude brown, with silver micro-glitter.

Adored: a lavender-based candy pink, with silver micro-glitter.

Glisten: an apricot-pink, with a golden sheen and gold micro-glitter. 

Frisky: a watermelon red with gold micro-glitter. 

The shimmering blushes give the cheeks a beautiful, pigmented sheen that last between 7-8 hours. I'm a sucker for red and nude blushes; therefore, Frisky and Buff are a definite favorite, followed by Glisten and Adored. 

What are your favorite Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.


  1. GOT to LOVE the Amazon :)
    Got to love Australia too Mrs Gorgeous!!!
    I'm on a frag kick AGAIN, and I'm telling you....GET Tommi Sooni Passarelle. This is the best perfume I have sniffed in a LOOOOONG time. Comes all the way from OZ but the wait is worth it. THE BEST!!! You NEED a sample of this 4 sure!!

    1. YES WE DO!

      Okay, you've peeked my interest, and if you love it, it must be AMAZING.

      I'll place an order :)

  2. Love love glisten! They are so pigmented and the shades are so pretty! I've got so many blushes now I shouldn't be getting any more this year! hope you have fun using them all!

    1. I love the golden sheen of glisten, really illuminates the cheeks.

      Sharlynn, you can NEVER have too much blush :P

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