Photo taken on one of my trips to Korea. 

Greeting goblins and ghouls,

Fall is my all-time favorite season, and I was very happy to be tagged by the stunning author of Rocaille Writes, Monika. I feel like a totally cheated with my answers and I wasn't able to choose just one item per question. Anyway, onto the tag!

1. Favorite Candle

Regrettably (and most disappointingly), my favorite Autumn candle, Yankee Candle's Fireside has been discontinued; thus, causing me to go into a frenzy. Now, I have to stalk ebay and hoard whatever form (i.e. tealights, votives, tarts wax melts, jars and tumblers) of Fireside I can find. I can't get enough of this harmonious blend of cedar, spice and the cozy, rustic, warm crackling wood fire scent. During Fall, I can't live without having my nose buried in this scent!

2. Favorite Lip Color

Inspired by the changing of leaves, during the Fall season I'm all about deep berry, muted orange and caramel brown lipstick shades. We would be here all day if I started naming shades. So, here are a few of my favorites:

Revlon 008 Cocoa Craving, Nars Rouge Basque, Nars Joyous Red, Nars Damned, L'Oreal 839 Cinnamon Toast, Tom Ford Warm Sable, Estee Lauder 01 Burnished Bronze, Helena Rubinstein 011 Bewitch, Helena Rubinstein 103 Arouse, Helena Rubinstein, Chanel 176 Crushed Cherry, Marc Jacobs 132 Saboteur, Bobbi Brown Toffee 65, Bobbi Brown Black Cherry 50, Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lip Lacquer 03, Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lip Lacquer 04, Giorgio Armani 506, Givenchy Le Rouge 104 Brun Cachemire, Givenchy 15 Velvet Purple, MAC Luxe, Mac Chili, MAC Fashion Revival.

3. Favorite Drink

Why limited yourself to just one of anything? That's what I always say :P One Autumn beverage I love making is Hot Spiced Cranberry Cider (I recommend Paula Deen's recipe). However, this season, I'm all about Starbucks' Fruit Crush & Tea. I don't drink coffee, and I'm not a fan of Starbucks (I know, boo hiss, boo hiss), but this tea, infused with a rich, strawberry, apple, raspberry and red grape flavored sauce, and with real strawberry, apple, raspberry and red grape fruit bits, has turned me into a seven-days-a-week customer!...I'm not kidding. Of course, you knew Earl Grey Tea would make it onto this tag in some way or another. I drink Earl Grey throughout the year, but there's something about Autumn that makes my taste buds go into overdrive for it. And, I can't leave out Kusmi Tea's Violet (thank you Kate). If I could (and, maybe I will), I would bathe in Earl Grey and Violet tea.

4. Favorite Blush

As with my lippies, I love wearing reds, deep berry, muted orange/terra cottas and caramel brown blushes. oooooooh, this is so hard to narrow down to only a few! Forget what I said about being here all day and naming favorite Fall Lipstick shades, it would be next Autumn when I finished my fav blushers list, and even then it would take longer including whatever new discoveries I make. And even so, here are a few of my loves:

Illamasqua Sleek, Kiss, Peaked, Brazen, Ravish, and Crush, Guerlain 06 Red Hot, Bobbi Brown Spice 12, Tom Ford 04 Savage, Rock & Republic All Nighter, Shameless, X-Rated, Nars Liberte, Taos, Mounia, and Turkish Red, Chanel Bronze Plum, Fandango, Vamp, Golden Sun, and Fantasia.

5. Favorite Clothing Item

Vest, jackets/blazers, boots and scarves...why do I feel I've chosen three too many?! My wardrobe truly comes to life during Fall with all the layering fun and boot traction.

6. Favorite Fall Movie

Well, in regards to Fall Movies, I'm going to assume we're speaking of Halloween films. And to quote a club fav, Ministry, "Every day is Halloween"...seriously is it. All I watch are horror films with other genres sprinkled here and there. With all the creepy, sinister music and blood curdling screams coming out of my apartment, Lord only knows what my neighbors, the mailman, take-out delivery person, and anyone passing by, may thinks. From October 1st to All Hallows' Eve marks my Halloween-themed horror flicks marathon. In no particular order, here's my top Halloween films: Halloween (not the Rob Zombie shite abomination, but the one and only 1978 film), Night of the Demons (1988), Trick r' Treat (2007), Hell Night (1981. Not set on Halloween, but the cast are wearing costumes, so, it's close enough), and Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949).

7. Favorite Fall TV Show

Aside from the History channel, and tuning into my favorite shows, I don't watch TV. Supernatural and American Horror Story would have to be my tube picks.

8. Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving and Halloween are my two favorite holidays EVER! From the turkey to all the side dishes, I love it all; especially, the stuffing and gravy. And, what's even better than eating all the delicious food on Thanksgiving, is having it for the next few days until all the leftovers are gone.

9. Favorite Fall Perfume (I switched the order of questions 9 and 10)

I do change my perfumes by seasons. However because,  I suffer from migraines, I rarely venture out into new "fragranced" waters. Another discontinued love, L'Occitane The Bergamote Eau De Toilette; I wear this fragrance every single day, and I'm always complimented on how good I smell. The last time I was in the states, I purchased a few bottles, and this is my last one; It will be a sad day when this fragrance is all gone.

 Rushing to get ready.

Blonde haired and blue eyed Liz, Halloween 2009.

This is what happens when I wake up before Aki. 

10. Favorite Halloween Costume

I go all out for Halloween. And, as soon as it's over, I'm already planning for the following year. One of my favorite costumes has to be Alice in Wonderland's, Alice. I had just moved to Tokyo, and thought it would be symbolic of my new journey.

This year's costume will not come to fruition...Customs has decided to rain on my black parade, and not release the package containing all my Costume goodies, since some items (some special effects makeup) are "hazardous." That is, unless, I go to the their office and sign for it. So, being that my only day off was today, it didn't happen; thus, no packaging for me.  I'll have to recycle an old costume. But, at least I'm all set for next year! Given the fact that I have no Halloween look to post this year, here are some more picture from past events.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad "Wolf", Halloween 2010.

Steam Punk, Halloween 2011 (unfortunately, I lost all the photos from this night after my laptop crashed). 

Again, a big thank you to Monika for tagging me; I had a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'll tag any of you who would like to do this; just leave a link in the comments. And if you don't have a blog, you can leave your answers in the comments as well.

Happy Halloween! 


  1. Beautiful post, be always happy together!

    1. Hi Amalia,

      Sorry to the extremely last reply. I've been so busy with work, the time just slips me by. How have you been?

      Next month marks our seven year anniversary :)

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