I noticed many blogs posting their favorites of 2015. But, fearing that I would forget a product, I don't dare narrow down all the beauty products I've loved in 2015. Instead, I'm going to do an "end of winter" countdown featuring the Winter/Holiday collections. I always get this anxious feeling as if I'm on some kind of race to use up all the current Winter collections (which never happens) before Spring rolls around and I put them away for later in the year.

"Whimsically dark," "elegantly haunted," and "seductively compelling" are some of the terms I would use to describe Joji Kojima's work, which I'm a fan of.

I had to be resuscitated after seeing the Venetian masquerade mask-inspired exterior, and interior,
packaging of Cle de Peau's Collection Bal Masque. From the ornamented Colombina mask designs on each of the removable plastic caps, as well as the beveled cut cap and bottle edges, the packaging of the nail lacquer trio (Elena) is absolutely luxurious. A not-so-funny side note: with the combination of a long work day, shoppers fatigue, and food deprivation,when I first spotted the set, I foolishly thought each polish retailed for 6,480 yen. All these years living in JP, I guess I've become desensitized to the exorbitant prices of cosmetics in Japan. Anyway, after my beauty senses returned to me, I was monetarily pleased to learn all three polishes were sold as a set, and retailed for 6,480 yen.

These beauteous lacquers employ a numeric naming system instead of an alphabetical one.

1: a rich oxblood red with more brown tones in it with a creme finish. I'm wearing 1 as I write this post :)

2: a deep, tarnished, murky olive-khaki green loaded with copper, antiqued gold, emerald and moss green micro-shimmer. I'd say 2 has a semi-metallic finish. 2 was my Christmas mani.

Ignore the length of my pinky nail. 3 was the first shade I tried in the set, and before application, Two of my other broke. In a little rush, I thought I had filed all my nails to the same length...obviously not!

3: a deep, smokey-based, tarnished silver loaded with silver and white gold micro-shimmer. 3 has a tab more metallic finish than 2.

All three lacquers applied like a dream. I swear you could apply them blindfolded and get a perfect application. Okay, I got a little overzealous with that description, but you get the gist; they're amazing! Instantly one of the best formulas I've ever used; 2 and 3 a totally opaque in one coat, with 1 closely following suit. The finish is a just windexed, uber glass-like, retire-your-topcoat-glossy shine. I tried to test the longevity of these lacquers, but after six days of wear without any signs of chipping, and my eagerness to try each shade, I removed them before knowing the time frame of signs of wear. Let's just say 6+ days.

I wish Cle de Peau would expand their nail lacquer range, because these polishes are exceptionally EXTRAordinary! Cle de Peau's Collection Bal Masque Nail Lacquer Trio has me seeing fireworks in nail polish heaven; totally worth every single yen and more!


  1. Have you ever done a post on how you get your cuticles so crisp and clean? You take some of the best nail pics I have seen. Just beautiful, and so are these polishes! Have a lovely day. I have enjoyed your blog for several years now.

    1. Actually, I never thought about it. But, I will now :) thank you for the kind words Anonymous, I'm glad you've stuck around for so many years. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog ❤️

  2. Hey, Lizzy!!!!
    Sorry I've been MIA for the past months, but I'm hoping to make this my last exam period before graduation so school has been kicking my butt...But what a post to come back to!These look absolutely stunning!From the packaging to the colours and with you raving about the formula...They seem like such gems!Also, hilarious anecdote,I guess cosmetics lovers are kinda used to being miked dry :P
    Aaaaanyway,once again I have a ton of posts to catch up on, so I'm really looking forward to seeing any new looks! :D

    1. No need for sorry darling, I know you're busy. How are things going anyway?

      These are hands down, some of the best nail polishes I've ever used. So glad I have them 💅🏻