Don't you love finding long gone, but much loved, beauty products online?...I do!

I was shopping online (like you do) at looking to replace my Sara Happ Peppermint lip scrub, and I found my beloved, long-discontinued, red velvet lip scrub. Who said Christmas only comes once a year?!

I haven't had red velvet cake since my trip to L.A. five years ago, and I gorged on half a dozen red velvet cupcakes...ummm, cupcakes...but, I digress.

Anyway, I was a little apprehensive to purchase since Red Velvet was discontinued a few years ago, but no, it's totally fine and dandy.

Using Red Velvet is torturous because it smells and taste just like the cake, delicious. I have to remind myself it's not for consumption, but to smooth out my pout.

What SAra Happ Lip Scrubs do you like?


  1. Oh my!!! This is something worth checking out. So curious on the formula and the smell as well. Can't wait to try it out!

    1. I believe you can find it in online throught eBay, Amazon, and the like.