With an occasional infidelity (solely based on curiosity of a scent), SABON Body Scrubs' are the only ones I use.

Depending on the season, I like to route between all the SABON scents, and Lavender Apple (one of my favorite scents from the brand) is a definite Spring must have! 

A delightful combination of soothing lavender and sweet apple
(saying it smells AMAZING is an understatement!), Lavender Apple is an engaging delicate scent that lingers on the skin; I can't help sniffing my forearms throughout the day. Also, I find the scrub's salmon-pink color adorable. 

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Which SABON Body Scrubs have you tried?


  1. Oh my! This sounds amazing. This post made me so curious about this that I will surely go check this out.

    1. If you've never been to a Sabon, drop whatever is it you're doing right now, and go!