This bottle has received so much love, the lettering has rubbed off. 

I'm aging myself right now, but I've had Revlon's Top Speed Tidal Wave for 15+ years. I'm amazed at how well the formula has held up.

And still, I wasn't able to capture Tidal Wave is all its glory. 

Tidal wave is an electrified, metallic, deep teal duochrome with flashes of blue and turquoise, and is loaded with micro turquoise shimmer. A fun, flashy, and fetching shade to wear, Tidal Wave will definitely get your nails noticed (and in a good way).

After all these years, I'm amazed at how well the formula has help up. With the way it applies and wears, you wouldn't think this polish was over 15 years old. I wish some of my newer lacquers performed as well as Tidal Wave.

What are some of the oldest polishes in your collection?


  1. My best friend and I were OBSESSED with this color!! Revlon bring this back!! 🥺

    1. OmFg they dont produce this anymore????

  2. Its 2023 and I still have a bottle of this polish! What year was it released? I'm pretty sure I've had it for 22 years! It still works and looks stunning. I wish they would do a re release!