Saturday, September 30, 2017

Loss of Zest... L'Occitane Verveine Agrumes Shower Gel & Sorbet Body Cream

Sorry for the lack of posts, but this always happens to me: I try to post every day, and I'm doing fairly well uploading content regularly, then life decides to throw a monkey wrench into my momentum. Aside from the demands of my typical life/work, I'v also been working on a project, and then my friends Troy and Nat were in Town. And, whenever you have friends visiting out of  town, your regular life gets put on hold, and once they're gone, it take a while to get everything back into the scheme of things.

I originally purchased L'Occitane's Verveine Agrumes Shower Gel and Sorbet Body Cream for August. But, after discovering The Body Shop's Pinita Colada Shower Gel & Fresh Body Sorbet, these products got bumped into September.

The Citrus Verbena line is one of my favorite fragrances from the brand; it's invigorating, zesty, lemony scent of the citrus verbena line provides a must needed refreshing release in all this heat and humidity (mainly the humidity) that doesn't subside until mid October. 

Verveine Agrumes Shower Gel: it's been a while since I've used it (and I'm not sure if something has changed), but I wasn't 100% thrilled with the shower gel. At first, it has that zesty, lemony scent I love. However, after a while in smells a little pinesol-y. Also, the shower gel was very watery, and didn't lather very well.

Verveine Agrumes Sorbet Body Cream: Unlike the shower gel, the Sorbet Body Cream was just as I remembered it; it smells and feels amazingly. A lightweight, gel-like consistency that is moisturizing, non-sticky, soothing, and adsorbs instantly into the skin.

Have you tried L'Occitane's Verveine Agrumes Collection?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Panda! Go, Panda! TonyMoly Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base

Who could deny this precious panda chubby stick?! He's even holding bamboo leaves, for Pete's sake!

If you are new to TonyMoly Products, TonyMoly is a South Korean based cosmetics brand with a flare for excessively cute packaging.

Encased in his plastic bamboo-printed jungle.

I appreciate the cap securing the products freshness and protecting it against germies.

With key ingredients of Bamboo Sap, Bamboo Shoot Extract, Pearl Extract, and Chrysin, TonyMoly's Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base is meant to relieve dark circles, brighten, and prime under the eyes. Hoping the Panda's Dream would have more substance to it than its gwiyeoun packaging, I was really rooting for this product. Alas, unsurprisingly, it proved to be more frivolous than functional.

The creamy, balmy consistency glided nicely, without tugging; it blends easily, creating a smooth base. The Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base white coloring gave me pause to use for the under eyes. But, it did brighten when used alone, and gave an extra brightening boost under concealers. Albeit, liking the lightening effect, it only lasted for about 30 minutes; and, this is were the problem lies. What's the purpose of doing an extra step, as well as applying an extra layer, if the product's longevity doesn't make it to the end of my makeup application?

On a positive note, this product was not a total waste, since I'll most likely mail the TonyMoly Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base to my nieces to play with. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

In Mint Condition...RMK Basic Skincare Kit

Knowing nothing about this limited edition RMK Basic Skincare Kit, or its release date (except that it was released this year), I saw all the travel-sized products were chocolate mint scent; thus, I was sold.

Retailing for 2,700 yen, the Basic Skincare Kit comes with: Cream Soap (facial cleanser), Skintuner Smoother Moist (lotion/toner), Herb Mist, and Lipstick Balm. All these products are available in full size in the RMK Skincare line.

I wish RMK would keep the chocolate mint scent because it is incredible! All the products smell like the delicious Keebler Grasshopper Cookies (making my mouth water). Every time I use these products, I want to eat them. Now, I have a hankering for Grasshopper Cookies, but no way to get my hands on a bag. If anyone wants to do a Japanese beauty-for-cookies swap, please let me know...I'm serious!

All the products are great, and the kit is a nice introduction to those who may not be familiar with the brand's skincare line. Also, they're great for gift giving, and the mini-sizes make this kit perfect for travel or throwing one in your bag for on-the-go use.

I got the RMK Basic Skincare Kit at the Isetan Mirror in the lumine Shinjuku Store. I was there a week ago, and they still had several boxes... I may need to pick up some more.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Passage To India...Bausch & Lomb India Soflens Natural Colors

Bausch & Lomb's Soflens Natural Colors in India were a big ol' disappointment. I understand "colors look different online than in person, and colored contact results vary, based on the individuals eye color." But, shouldn't the product have a smidgen of likeness to its visual image?

The Soflens Natural Colors are monthly colored-contacts, with a 8.7 base curve and 14.0 Diameter. Comfortable to wear, they enlarge the eyes while still looking natural. Though the lens do cloud my vision from time to time.

Image taken from

"Softlens Natural Colors Lenses are created for all eye colors, especially dark eyes." Did you read that, "especially dark eyes." Based on the image, I was expecting a color somewhere within the warm, chestnut brown spectrum. Yet, the effect I got is NOWHERE near resembling the photo provided by the company. I don't know what color you would call this? A warmish, muddy brown? Although, in person you can't really notice the color, I'm not mad at it, it's just not what I envisioned.

I'll use the lens until they've expired, but I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

A reminder that we have a little over a month left in the giveaway. 

What you'll win: 

Celvoke Voluntary Eyepalette in 04 and 05.

Celvoke Infinitely Color (can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips) in 01 and 02.

Celvokes Dignified Lips in 08 and 09.


A black Celvokes bag, and two travel samples of the Intensive Serum and Concentrate Oil.

All you have to do is tell me what your favorite Autumn beauty products are in the comments, or share images of them on Instagram. Easy and simple!

Open internationally, you have to be a member of the blog under "The Enablers," as well as my Instagram. Because I started the giveaway a day late, I will be announcing the winner on the blog and instagram on October 10th.

Okay, I'm heading off to bed. See you in the morning!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

If You Like Pina Coladas...The Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel & Fresh Body Sorbet

Oh, how I miss virgin pina coladas. There are few places here that make them...and the ones that do, serve a sugarless, watered-down pineapple juice, with a drop of coconut milk with way too much crushed ice. I'm going to have to repurchase a blender.

So, as I was walking past the The Body Shop entrance on my way to Isetan, I saw the Pinita Colada products, and I couldn't help but stop and pick a few items.

While meandering around the store, I checked The Body Shop's US site, and saw there was also an exfoliating body scrub. I looked, and looked, and looked, but it wasn't offered over here...curses!

Pinita Colada Shower Gel: August is the hottest month in Tokyo. So, I thought this would be a perfect Summery scent to start my day, before everything turns into a sweltering hell. The shower gel has a creamy lather that feels luscious. The skin is left clean, soft with a delicious, tropical coconut and pineapple fragrance that lingers for an hour or two.

Pinita Colada Fresh Body Sorbet: I was going to get the Body Butter, but found the Body Sorbet had a truer pina colada scent. The body Sorbet has an interesting lightweight, pureed-gel-like consistency. What I liked most about the body sorbet was how quickly it absorbed into the skin. I could get dressed right after applying, without any icky stickiness.

Although I liked the Pinita Colada Shower Gel and Fresh Body Sorbet, there was this synthetic scent that would peek through when using both products. It wasn't a deal breaker, or off-putting, but it did lessen my overall pina colada enjoyment of the collection.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Come Rushing Over Me...Revlon Tidal Wave Top Speed Nail Enamel

This bottle has received so much love, the lettering has rubbed off. 

I'm aging myself right now, but I've had Revlon's Top Speed Tidal Wave for 15+ years. I'm amazed at how well the formula has held up.

And still, I wasn't able to capture Tidal Wave is all its glory. 

Tidal wave is an electrified, metallic, deep teal duochrome with flashes of blue and turquoise, and is loaded with micro turquoise shimmer. A fun, flashy, and fetching shade to wear, Tidal Wave will definitely get your nails noticed (and in a good way).

After all these years, I'm amazed at how well the formula has help up. With the way it applies and wears, you wouldn't think this polish was over 15 years old. I wish some of my newer lacquers performed as well as Tidal Wave.

What are some of the oldest polishes in your collection?

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