Basting a turkey is a cooking method used to keep the meat moist and add extra flavor during the roasting process. The technique involves periodically drizzling or spooning liquid, such as melted butter, pan drippings, broth, or a flavorful marinade over the turkey as it cooks in the oven. 

Halloween and Thanksgiving are in a fierce tie as my top two favorite holidays. But let's face it, Thanksgiving is an underrated event in the world of beauty launchesI guess stuffing one's self with delicious delights isn't all that glamourous.  

Several years ago, Different Dimensions celebrated the holiday in apropos fashion with their fun 'Gobble Till You Wobble Collection,' featuring a savory array of five nail polishes that captured the flavor of Thanksgiving. 

Let's Get Basted is a deep, cool fawn brown with a bluish-grey undertone linear holo. 

The cool fawn brown base color, along with the bluish-grey undertone, makes this polish unique among all the linear holos in my collection. 

Although there are the occasional, singular Thanksgiving Polish releases (Different Dimensions did launch a duo this year; however, by the time I learned about it, it was already gone), and I do recall Give Me Glow Cosmetics releasing some Turkey Day-themed eyeshadow duos a few years back, I wish there were more to feast upon the entire beauty industry. 

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