Monday, April 30, 2012

Running on Empty: April Empties!

This post is inspired by my dear friend Ari from A Passionate Obsession. I've known Ari for a few years now, and I absolutely love her!! She's funny, a great writer and beautiful. Ari, you inspire me and I love you :D 

Please check out her blog,

Last month, I saw that Ari did a post on products she had used up. I thought this was a great idea! So here you go, my empties for this month.

Ari's post:

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo. I love this shampoo, I've been buying it for years and I'll continue to do so. The water here in Japan is very hard. I find that this shampoo helps restore balance, as well as being gentle on my dyed hair. Also, Kenra products are not tested on animals!!

Mac Brush Cleanser. I use this for work and a staple for spot cleaning.

Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara. One of my favorite mascaras and I'll always repurchase!

L'Occitane Wild Cherry Tree Perfume Stick. I love this fragrance and if it wasn't limited edition, I'd repurchase.

Kerastase Nutritive Nutridefense Masque. This product does a great job at putting moisture back into my hair, especially after I've just dyed it.

TRESemme Anti-Breakage Shampoo. I discovered this shampoo last year while I was visiting my family for holiday. I use this one a week, when I'm giving my hair a break from all the heat styling. Not sure if it actually did anything in the split ends department, but my hair did feel a bit stronger, so I'll repurchase next time I'm in the states.

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel in Japanese Cherry Blossom. Love this scent! We don't have BBW in Japan, not sure way, so, on my recent trip to the states, I stocked up on this shower gel.

Nexxus Pro Med Conditioner. I bought this on my trip to Los Angeles during the beginning of this year and I absolutely LOVE it!!! This condition did an awesome job at binding the ends of my hair. Also, my hair  wasn't as tangled and it felt softer. Will repurchase.

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake. This was a Sephora VIB Complimentary Birthday Gift. Vanilla Birthday Cake had these plastic sugary vanilla scent, not a favorite, and I wouldn't repurchase.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm actually looking forward to next months empties :)

What products have to finished recently?

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Another blog hop is here!

Hey you!

blog hop is a fantastic way to discover new bloggers and get your blog out there. So, show your support and start hopping :)


As usual...a random pic :)

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

MY Kreativ Award!

I just saw that Demi, from has awarded me with the Kreative Blogger Award. Thank you Demi, you know I think your the cats pajamas :D

Rules :

Post a link to the blogger who gave you the award.
Answer the questions.
Share 7 random things about yourself.
Pass to ten bloggers

Seven Things about myself:

1. I killed my first car by crash it into a tree.
2. My first job was at a movie theater during the summer of the junior year in High School.
3. My favorite Characters in films inevitably always end up dying, so my friends ask me to not state who my favorite characters are until after the movie is over.
4. I used to model as child.
5. I gave roses to Robert Smith.
6. Lockheed is one of my favorite X-Men.
7. My favorite video games are: The Legend of Zelda, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil.

My Ten Kreativ Bloggers:

You deserve this ladies!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I've Moved!!!!...Not Really :P

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a great weekend :)

Today I was roaming around blooger and I found that I could acquire my own domain...and I did just that :D

So now I'm!! What does this mean...nothing, I just thought it would be neat.  Honestly, I'm not the most technologically knowledgeable person. My thoughts towards technology was pretty much shared with that of the Amish...Pure Evil! But those opinions are slowly changing :)

I just wanted to let everyone know of the change, just in case something is affected down the never know!

Here's another random pic from my first post :)

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Care Package!

Hi guys!

I love coming home and finding packages waiting for me :)

 My recent Illamasqua purchase.

 This package is filled with cosmetics and a few other things that I've purchased and had sent to my sister's .

 In case you don't know, I LOVE Game of Thrones!!! Although I already have the series on dvd, through "other means", I wanted a proper copy with all the extra features. I'm really going to burn these dvds out :P

I screamed when I found this in the box! These are my all time favorite Easter Chocolates. Love you Liza!!!!(^3^)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Inglot Freedom System 20 Eye Shadow Palette #1 Swatches

Hi guys,

As promised, here is the first installment of my Inglot eye shadow palettes. I discovered Inglot back in December 2010 while I was visiting my family for the holidays. It was love at first sight! I was blown away by the color selection, quality, texture and finishes of their eye shadows. I had never seen anything like the Freedom System and I thought it was sheer brilliance!

Inglot's Freedom System allows you to custom build your own face, eyes and lips palette. Offering a variety of color selects and endless amounts of fun :)

Inglot's Freedom System offers a variety of eye shadow finishes: AMC, Pearl, Matte, Shine and DS (double shine).

 From left to right: S06, P430, P403, S27, AMC60.

S06: A shimmery tarnish gold.

P430: A light frosty copper gold.

P403: A frosty yellow gold.

S27: A shimmery light gold.

AMC60: A matte canary yellow with tiny fleck of yellow that disappear once applied, a reoccurring trend with most AMC and some DS eye shadows, the flecks just disappear.

 From left to right: DS474, S45, S26, AMC61, DS483.

DS474: A semi-matte medium daffodil yellow with tiny flecks of yellow. 

S45: A shimmery pale pastel yellow with a gold sheen.

S26: Although S26 and S45 look similar swatched, S26 is a pale yellow gold and warmer in tone.

AMC61: A semi-matte soot black with tiny flecks of blue. Where are these flecks of blue?? their hiding :)

DS483: A matte deep navy blue with blue flecks. 

 From left to right: P428, M388, AMC67, DS482, AMC68.

P428: A black based frost deep marine blue.

M388: A matte deep periwinkle blue.

AMC67: A matte dark purplish navy with flecks of silver. The flecks disappear once applied on the lid. 

DS482: A semi-matte dark indigo blue with flecks of blue. Unlike AMC67, these flecks are more apparent on the lid.

AMC68: A matte deep cornflower blue with silver flecks that also disappear.

 From left to right: DS480, P426, P415, S13, S28.

DS480: A matte true blue with flecks of pink, blue and silver that also disappear on the lid.

P426: A frosty Azure blue. 

P415: A medium tone teal blue frost.

S13: A shimmery pale seafoam blue with silver flecks.

S28: A shimmery pale baby blue with a lavender sheen and tiny blue flecks.

Inglot eyeshadows are one of the most pigmented, smoothest and easy to blend Shadows that I've worked with! Also, their extensive color selection is a shadow utopia for anyone who loves eye shadow. The Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Squares are priced at $5.00 each and the Freedom System Palettes range from $6.00- 35.00.

Here's the link to one of five of my Inglot Freedom System Blush palettes:

Have you tried any Inglot products?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Second Liebster Award!

Hello lovelies,

I was given this award by the mesmerizing Demi from Demi, I love her features, personality, and blog.

The rules:

Link the person who gave you the award in your post.
Put the award in your post.
Choose 5 blogs with under 200 followers to receive the award.
Let them know you awarded them.

Enjoy ladies :)

Now, no post is ever complete without some random pics.

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Blog Hop #7

I love this weekly event, as it is a fantastic way to discover new blogs and make new friends.

 Now let's get hopping :)


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get To Know ME Tag!

Hey everyone!

Last weekend was pure madness! I didn't even have time to think, that's how busy I've been. On top of that, it's been on-again/off-again rain showers...horrible weather for photographing swatches. Surprisingly, I have a day to myself tomorrow, so let's hope for better weather and a little bit of sunshine, because I have a whole LOTTA makeup to show you :DDDDD

The ridiculously lovely Yuli from tagged me to do the "Get to know me" tag. Yuli is amazing! She has the cutest figure, an awesome personality, she's just gorgeous!! Also, I'm secretly planning to kidnap her cat on day :P Please check out her channel and join!

On with the tag!

The Rules:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, as well as, creating your own eleven for the people you will tag.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your blog.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

11 Facts About Me: 

1. My parents have been married for 36 years. 
2. I love to cook. I don't know why, but people are usually surprised at how domesticated I am :P 
3. I am extremely loyal to my friends and loved ones.
4. I'm a late late night person. I hardly ever sleep.
5. I'm 5'6.
6. I love breakfast foods for dinner.
7. There's a song written about me on the album 'infection' by Kowloon (here in Japan). Kinda neat, to know that someone may be listing to a song that's written about me :P
8. Although I have tattoos, I hate shots!!
9. I love the people that I've met through blogging :)
10. I love Star Wars.
11. I'm really OCD when it comes to buying makeup. I always have to buy items (i.e. eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc) in even numbers.

Yuli's Questions:       

1. What kind of music are you into? Rock, punk, industrial, classical, almost everything.
2. What is your favorite reality show? I don't watch reality TV...Sorry!
3. How would you describe your personal style? bad ass woman on a mission :)
4. What do you like to blog about? Makeup and whatever I've been up to.
5. What are you most passionate about? Make-up, animal rights, all forms of art and history.
6. What is your short term goal? To maximize every day.
7. What is your long term goal? Constant evolution.
8. Are you more comfortable in public with no make up or no nail polish? Both, I don't need to wear either to leave my apartment. 
9. What makes you happier to give presents or to receive them? I love giving presents, but receive is awesome!!! gimme gimme!! :P
10. What are your best 3 qualities? My humor, drive and attention to detail. 
11. What are 3 qualities you would change about yourself? Always misplacing my wallet, train pass, or apartment key. I'll never forget a face, but I'm not that great with names (in Japan that is). how I over obsess  over things. 

My Questions:
1. Do you consider yourself a high-maintenance person?
2. What Spring/Summer cosmetic collections or items are you looking forward to purchasing?
3. Would you ever want to have a makeover done on you?
4. What's your favorite Spring/Summer fragrance?
5. How many shoes do you own?
6. Name three of your favorite cosmetic brands?
7. Favorite articles of clothing to wear for Spring/Summer?
8. When is the last time you had a manicure?
9. Have you done anything new and different lately?
10. What colors do you think you look best in, and which do you think you look the worst in?
11. Which new fashion/make-up trends would you like to wear this season?

Who I'm tagging:

Bonus tagging:

Hope you enjoyed this tag :)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Les Merveilleuses de Laduree Beaute

Bonjour mon cherie,

Les Merveilleuses Laduree debuted on January 29th, 2012, a collaboration between patisserie Laduree and the Japanese cosmetic company Albion. Currently, this highly luxurious cosmetic brand is sold exclusively in Japan.

 Now, I don't normally put too much stock in regards to exterior packaging, but the texture and quality of these boxes is luxe. The print is so delicate and feminine, it's almost a shame to throw it away.

 From left to right: Pressed Cheek Color 19 and 05.

The Pressed Cheek Color blushes retail for 3,990 yen ($48.96) and the compact (sold seperately...BOO!! HISS!!) is 1,575 ($19.33). These blushes go on quite sheer, but they can be built up for a more intense color. They apply smoothly and feel velvety on the skin. The Pressed Cheek Color blushes do have a baby powder/rose scent to them...I've never really gotten the concept behind scented face/cheek products. I was very disappointed with the Blush compacts. The compact comes with a brush that rests under the pan. As with most accompanying brushes, it's pretty much useless. Also, to my dissatisfaction, neither the blush pan nor the compact are magnetized...huge fail in my book. For the price of these products, Les Merveilleuses Laduree should have done a better job at securing the customers lavish investment. 

 Cream Cheek Base in 03

Next, we have the Cream Cheek Base, retailing for 4,410 yen ($54.08). By now, you should all know that I'm OBSESSED with blush, so I had to try this lovely out. The way your suppose to apply these cream blushes is by tapping the product directly onto the cheeks and then blending out with either a brush or your fingers. I really like these cream blushes. They are extremely pigmented, blend well and long wearing. 

 Rouge Lipstick in 05.

Finally, the Rouge Lipstick, retails for 4,410 ($54.00). Surprisingly, the rouge lipstick turned out to be my favorite product in the Les Merveilleuses de Laduree collection (the pressed cheek blush coming in second). This lipstick is creamy, moisturizing, and has a nice semi-glossy finish. It wore very well, lasting through several drinks and a sushi lunch :) I truly enjoyed wearing this rouge lipstick. My only issue with this product lies with the mechanics of the packaging. The tube has a clicky rotating buttom that distributes the product, but once the rouge is out, you cannot retract the remaining lipstick back into the tube. So, if your not careful, you run the risk of making an exquisite mess of your lovely rouge lipstick.

From left to right (indoors): Rouge Lipstick 05, Cream Cheek Base 03,Pressed Cheek Color 19, 05.

Rouge Lipstick 05: A warm browned peach.

Cream Cheek Base 03: A red-orange coral. 

Pressed Cheek Color 19: A cantaloupe orange. 

Pressed Cheek Color 05: Due to overcast skies, 05 looks like a blue based bright pink in the swatch, but it's actually a  watermelon pink.  

With flash.
Just got home from a day of running around.

Trying to get Aki in the shot, but he was feeling camera shy and said NO!

Products used:
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe (Medium 2).
Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow Pencil in Seal Brown.
Les Merveilleuses Laduree Pressed Cheek color in 19. 
Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW20.
Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Spiced Peach G05:
The upper left shade all over the lid.
The upper right shade on the brow bone.
The lower right shade in the crease.
The lower left shade, used to line the upper and lower lashline.
Mac Eyeshadow in Gleam, placed on the ball of the eye.
Mac Eyeshadow in Paradisco, outer corner.
Les Merveilleuses Laduree Pressed Cheek color in 19, outer crease.
Calvin Klein Electric Edge Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Brown, used to line the upper lashline.
Mac Cremestick Liner in Caramellow. 
Les Merveilleuses Laduree Rouge in 05.

Aki working in the back ground :)

I'm crushing his head!

Overall,  Les Merveilleuses Laduree is an extravagant brand that's not for the faint of heart or pocketbook. There is one item in this collection that's not featured in this post, the Face Color Rose Laduree, the lines signature piece. Basically, it's rose petal shaped papers coated with blush pigment. I played with this rose petal blush at the counter, and found that it hardly gave off any pigmentation once applied on the cheeks. I really had to swirl the brush in the pot and apply several time to finally get a flushed cheek. The Face Color Rose Laduree retails for 7,350 yen ($90.11) and the Face Power Pot 3,150 yen ($38.62), totaling 10,470 yen ($128.71). An obscene amount to pay for a product that seems more gimmick than innovative. I'm still debating on whether I should buy one just to review. Although the products are lovely and performs well (at least the one's I tried), I'm not sure if their superior enough to warrant their retail price. Les Merveilleuses is a lavish indulgence for anyone who loves makeup. If you asked me "are the any products in this line that I would consider a must-have", I'd say "no", would I repurchase from this collection...yes, I have a membership card :P

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Les Merveilleuses de Laduree 2012 Summer collection

After Akasaka, Emi and I headed out to Ginza for some shopping.

While we were there, my favorite SA at the Les Merveilleuses Laduree counter (for the time being, this brand is exclusively sold only in Japan) showed me and let me play with the new summer collection which launches on May 2nd. W

Here are some photos from the collections brochure she gave me. Warning: this brand is not for the faint-hearted, as it is pretty damn expensive!

I wasn't really WOWED by any of the items. I may pick up two or three of the lip balms, 01,02 and 05 were nice.

I'll be posting a mini review on this line either later today or tomorrow.

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

A Day with Emi and Me

Here are some photos from yesterday :) That's my dear friend Emi in the left corner. Apparently Emi had never really been around Akasaka (my hood), so I decided to show her around some of my favorite spots...and then go shopping of course :)

 My favorite temple. 

 Take the escalator to enlightenment. Now if they only had one going down :P

 After walking around for a while, it was time to head out to our lunch reservation. 

 The view from the restaurant.

More view.

Emi treated me to an amazing lunch buffet at the Top of the Tower. This was plate #1. sadly, I was so involved with my food that I forgot to take pictures of plates #2 and #3. Emi and I really stuffed ourselves this day. We really ate all we could.

 Plate #4 The Desert. The creme brulee, tiramisu and those cakes closest to the tiramisu were AMAZING. We were probably waddling when we left :P Thank you Emi!!!!! but my waistline hates you!!!! 

 Then I showed Emi around my favorite Japanese garden.

And the Koi, I just love coming hear and watching the koi. I don't know what their feeding them, but they are HUGE! 

I just watched to share my day with you :D Hope your day/night is great!

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