Friday, August 31, 2012

THREE Time's the Charm!

Hey lovelies,

Time for another THREE post!

THREE Shimmering Color Veil 07 Fame (¥3,675/ $46.79).

Oh THREE, how much I love thee! THREE's Shimmering Color Veil pigments are superb! They're stunning pigmentation and complex dimension are just divine!

THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil 06 Eye Kon (¥3,150/ $40.11).

You already know the love I bear for THREE's Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils (click here), but I don't mind professing my love again. The Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils are one of the best (if not, the best) eyeliners in the market.

THREE Color Veil for Cheeks 10 Shade of Day (¥3,150/ $40.11).

The Color Veil for Cheeks is quickly becoming one of my favorite blushers. These blushes are sooooo finely velvet! I must have them all!!

THREE Shimmering Glow Duo 01 (¥4,725/ $60.17).

THREE's Shimmering Glow Duo is just exquisite! This 'cream to powder' highlight and accent duo has become a 'can't be without' beauty product; It gives the skin a mesmerizing ethereal glow.You need this product in your life!  

THREE Glam Touch Lip Gloss 19 Sunrise Bliss (¥2,940/ $37.42).

The Glam Touch Lip Gloss feels AMAZING on the lips! Moisturizing, glossy, and non-sticky, this lip gloss gives the lips a playful, yet luscious appeal. 

From left to right: Shimmering Color Veil 07 Fame, Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil 06 Eye Kon, Color Veil for Cheeks 10 Shade of Day. 

Shimmering Color Veil 07 Fame: a golden mushroom-champagne with grey undertones.

Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil 06 Eye Kon: an antiqued bronze with gold flecks and a khaki undertone. 

Color Veil for Cheeks 10 Shade of Day: a orange-coral with a gold sheen.

From left to right:  Shimmering Glow Duo 01, Glam Touch Lip Gloss 19 Sunrise Bliss.

Shimmering Glow Duo 01: Left side: a antiqued, darkened, rose gold. Right side: a soft rose gold.

Glam Touch Lip Gloss 19 Sunrise Bliss: a persimmon orange with flecks of gold.

Here a simple look I wore to dinner with my friends :)

Products used:
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe (Medium 2).
Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow Pencil in Seal Brown.
THREE Shimmering Glow Duo # 01(used the light shade to subtly highlight the cheek bones and the bridge of the nose).
THREE Color Veil for Cheeks in 10 shade of day.
Mac Mineralize Concealer in NW20 (under the eyes and on the brow bone).
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.
THREE Shimmering Color Veil in 07 Fame (all over the lid).
THREE Shimmering Glow Duo in 01 (used the darkest shade in the crease and along the lower lash line).
THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil i 06 Eye Kon (used to line the upper lash line, tightline, and on the outer one-third of the lower lash line). 
Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fatal Blacks Waterproof Mascara in Captivating Bronze 03 (on both the top and bottom lashes).
THREE Glam Touch Lip Gloss in 19 Sunrise Bliss.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inglot AMC Cream Blush 85, 83, 82, 81 Swatches

 Aside from the eye shadows, the AMC Cream Blushes are another personal favorite from the Inglot brand. To the touch, these blushes have a densely, whipped cream texture. They're extremely lightweight formula blends like a dream, and feels as if you've run a mink (faux, of course!) glove all over your cheek. Only a minuscule amount of product is needed; to say that these cream blushers are very pigmented is an understatement!

From left to right: 85, 83, 82, 81.

85: a pink tinged terracotta.

83: a soft reddish coral.

82: a romantic rose pink.

81: a reddish-berry pink.

I love the slight cream to powder finish of these blushers; it gives the cheeks a gorgeous, almost dewy, sheen without looking powdery or oily. I believe the AMC Cream Blushes could work on all skin types.

The AMC Cream Blushes retail for $12.00, and come with 5.5g/0.19 US Oz of product. There are 15 shades available, and I will own them all in the near future :D

Have you tried the AMC Cream Blushes?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Ugly Side of Beauty...Cleaning Brushes!

As much as I love (ok, I'm obsessed) makeup, makeup brushes, and applying makeup, I often (always) dread the painstaking task of cleaning my brushes...I think that's why I own at least of six of each brush. 

Guess you know what I'll be doing for the next few hours this evening. 

I used to use baby shampoo to deep clean my brushes and the Hakuhodo brush cleanser for my hakuhodo brushes, but I've switched to only using the Hakuhodo cleanser. The Hakuhodo cleanser retails for ¥ 1,500 (6.7 fl. oz./ 200 ml); you only need a tiny amount of liquid to clean your brushes. I love how soft, shiny and conditioned my brushes feel/look after using this cleanser. If you want to ensure the longevity of your brushes, I highly recommend investing in this cleanser.  

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

More Packages AH, AH!

Two more packages from Il Postino :)  

First up, are some of my order from the past few months sent to me by my lovely friend Alex. 

The ever so stunning Kate from Drivel about Frivol was kind enough to let me have some things sent to her residences. 

Kate smuggled in some beauty gifts :D Kate, you ARE the woman! Love you!!

What's the most recent thing you've ordered in the mail?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque #137 'Utopian Turquoise'

Today's mani is last year's limited edition YSL summer polish, Utopian Turquoise. 

 Utopian Turquoise is a deep turquoise creme. 

This lacquer's formula is amazing! It's almost opaque in one coat, but you know I'm a two coat-kinda-girl :P 

Although Utopian Turquoise is no longer available at counters, I'm sure you can find it online. 

What are some of your favorite turquoise nail polishes?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Care Package From Italy!

I got an unexpected package today from the lovely Italian beauty Giada from nautical but nice. Thank you Giada! 

Here are the goodies. I have one Barry M polish, but I've never tired any of the makeup. I love MUA, and this lipgloss is gorgeous folks! I have several items from N.o7 and Accessorize, so these are help editions to my collection. Never tired Alverde (I believe this is a german brand, I'm sure Buggsiebee will let us know :P), and I'm looking forward to playing with this palette. Also, I've never self-tanned before, since I tan easily in the Summer...heck, I even tan indoors :P 

Giada, thank you again for awesome surprise :D Keep an eye out for a little (big) something from the land of the rising sun :DD

Have you ever tired any of these brands before? if so, what are your favorite items?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spend the day with me at Lake the women's restroom that is!

I love the way I saw vanity :P  
Hey guys!

Yesterday, Aki and I went to Lake Town in Koshigaya. Lake town are two massive shopping centers, Kaze and Mori (wind and forest in Japanese), that are connected to one another. Double the pleasure, double your shopping fun!

I thought the restroom was pretty nice, so I wanted to share it with you :D

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kate Super Sharp Liner S in RD-1

On August 1st, Kate released the Super Sharp Liner S in RD-1, as part of it's Fall 2012 Makeup Collection. The Super Sharp Liner S also comes in BK-01 (black) and NV-1 (it's described as a navy, but I find it more of a deep cerulean).

 The Super Sharp Liner S retails for ¥ 1,050 ($13.37). 

The thin tip allows for easy and precise application, without ever losing it's fine tip. 

Rd-1 is a beautifully pigmented deep Bordeaux.

playing at drawing! 

I am really loving this liquid liner, and I see myself getting a lost of use out of it this Fall!! 

What liquid liner are you loving at the moment?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Revlon Moon Drops, 'Iced Coffee, Copperglaze Sienna, and Copperglaze Brown' Lipsticks

When it comes to drug store lipsticks, Revlon has to be my favorite brand in the states. I was going to swatch all my Revlon lipsticks, but decided to divide them into their proper lines.

Up first (and the ones I own the least of) are the Moon Drops Lipsticks.

The shades I own are: Iced Coffee 360, Copperglaze Sienna 320, and Copperglaze Brown 335. I used to have Blase Apricot, Orange Flip, and 24K Orange, but I finished them about two years ago; if you're into orange lipsticks, I highly recommend them! Revlon Moon Drops lipsticks retail for $8.99.

 From left to right: Iced Coffee, Copperglaze Sienna, and Copperglaze Brown in natural light. 

Iced Coffee: a neutral, glossy reddish brown. 

Copperglaze Sienna: A glossy, bright russet red. 

Copperglaze Brown: A glossy brick red with a copper sheen. 

From left to right: Iced Coffee, Copperglaze Sienna, and Copperglaze Brown with flash.

These lipsticks are very moisturizing, glossy and extremely comfortable on the lips. They last for about 5 to 6 hours. Moon Drops do have a perfume scent, which doesn't bother me, but it may turn some of you off.

Sadly, Iced Coffee, Copperglaze Sienna, and Copperglaze Brown have been discontinued (Why, God?! Why?!), but I did an online search and they are available on and ebay.

Have you every tried any of the Revlon Moon Drops lipsticks?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

It Was Not A Salty Watermelon That Eve Took...Tasty Related ,Not Beauty Related Series

Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 months since my last tasty post...someone sure dropped the ball :P

But, I digress. Last week at 7-11, I spotted this new limited edition Pepsi soft drink, and knew I had to try it! I've said this before, and I'll say it again...Only in Japan :D

And, like most things that go into my fridge, it was forgotten...until today that is! Aki found it and before I could tell him not to open it, before I got a photo, there was a quick hissing and the sound of the soda hitting the ice as it was being poured :(  So, that's why you have a photo of a half empty/half full (depending how you want to look at it :P) soda bottle.

I wasn't expecting Salty Watermelon to taste good (actually, it sounds revolting as I type about it), but this drink was offensive to all my senses (that rhymed). Salty Watermelon tasted like artificial watermelon flavoring, plastic, and dirt...yes, dirt!

Regardless, this was a fun drink to try, and even more fun to write about :D

Do you have a seasonal drinks where you are?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go...Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Quad in EX07 Tsukiakari

 On August 10th, Suqqu released their Fall collection and, you can bet your sweet bippy, I was one of the first customers at the counter that day :D

I purchased all the limited edition pieces in the Fall collection (by the way, the other two eyeshadow quads are GORGEOUS!! and I will be purchasing them later). I love all the products, but I've been plagued with a bit of buyer's remorse (which is odd for me because I never have any hesitation when it come to buying makeup) regarding the Blend Color Eyeshadow Quad in EX07 Tsukiakari.

 Natural light.

Don't get me wrong, I love the quad; the texture, quality, and performance of Suqqu's eyeshadows are one of the best, but, I'm not sure if all the shades in the quad offer enough dimension to warrant the price of¥7,140 ($89.93).

To be honest, the sole purpose for my purchasing the quad was that gorgeous dusty, plum-taupe mauve with green and pink flecks, and the navy liner. The more I look at Tsukiakari, the more I hear the haunting voice beckoning me, chanting so sweetly: Swatch me! Swatch me! May the beauty gods have mercy on my weaked soul :P

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

Inglot Freedom System 20 Eye Shadow Palette #4 Swatches

Hey darlings,

It's been more than two months since my last Inglot 20 Palette post (gomen ne, gomen ne), but I have a few more palettes to show you, so here's the fourth installment  :)

 From left to right: M352, S46, DS467, P397, M351. 

M352: A matte pale peachy-white.

S46: A pale shell pink-beige with a pink iridescence and silver micro-glitter.

DS467: A satin peachy-beige with silver micro-glitter.

P397: A shimmery icy peachy-pink.

M351: a matte vanilla cream.

 From left to right: S30, P395, DS463, P393, S34.

S30: An ivory white with a gold iridescence.

P395: Am icy pale yellow-beige shimmer.

DS463: A matte nude-beige with silver micro-glitter.

P393: A pearlized buttermilk-ivory.

S34: A shimmery pale Aztec gold.

 From left to right: S34, S43, S09, S49, M390.

S34: A shimmery pale Aztec gold. S34 was duplicated because the plastic casing was numbered incorrectly.

S43: An amber gold with gold iridescence and gold micro-glitter.

S09: A pale pink-cooper with a gold sheen and gold micro-glitter.

S49: A murky tarnished gold with an olive-brown undertone.

M390: a muted pale lilac-brown matte.

 From left to right: DS461, S31, M360, P402, S37. 

DS461: A muted taupe brown matte with gold micro-glitter.

S31: A shimmery peachy-pink taupe brown with a gold sheen.

M360: A matte plum-grey-brown.

P402: A shimmery muted taupe-ish plummy-brown with a rose-gold sheen.

S37: A satin chocolate brown based maroon with a slight pink sheen and silver micro-glitter.

I love all the shadows in this palette, especially P395, DS463, S43, S09, S49, DS461, S31, M360, P402, and S37. 

The Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Squares are now priced at $6.00 each and the Freedom System Palettes range from $6.00- 39.00.

Please feel free to read my other Inglot posts :)

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

She's a Little Disco Biscuit! Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Disco Biscuit

I was rummaging through my nail polishes, looking for my next mani color, when I found this little precious. I purchased Disco Biscuit six months ago and totally forgot about it...I guess it got lost amongst all the polish collections I've been buying...Oops :(

 Natural lighting.

Disco Biscuit is a bright hot pink with gorgeous purplish-blue glitter, and a jelly finish. 

With flash.

Unlike some of my most recent Beauty Rescue Lounge purchases, the glitter in this lacquer transfers beautifully from bottle to nail. Now this may be a deal breaker for some of you, but it did take me six coats to get total opacity. Also, you'll definitely need to all a top coat (I applied two top coats), since Disco Biscuit drys down to a somewhat dull finish.

Have you ever tried Butter London, if so, what's your most recent purchase?

Looking gorgeous one lipstick at a time.

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