Sunday, November 12, 2017

Infinite Possibilities...Celvoke Infinitely Color 01, 02, 03 Swatches

A versatile product, Celvoke's Infinitely Color has a creamy, emollient-based formula that can be used on the face, eyes, and lips.

Celvoke's semi-translucence, frosted black plastic packaging gives their products an edgy-chicness.

Depending on the method of application (brushes, sponges, or fingers), this product can be applied as a sheer wash or built-up for more intensity. Infinitely Color can be wore alone, as a base, or layered over other products.

From left to right: 01, 02, 03. 

01: a dirty, coppery-gold metallic loaded with micro gold shimmer.

02: a rusty, coppery-orange metallic.

03: a rich, dark chocolate semi-matte/cream.

01 works best on the eyes and lips, But, if applied as a highlights, the micro shimmers are too excessive, making one look more of an arts and crafts project than fall fabulous. 02 (my favorite of the three) performed and looked gorgeous any which way it was applied. 03 was the problem child of the bunch. 03 applied nicely as a cream contour, and as a sheer wash of color on the eyes and lips. However, when I tried to buildup the pigmentation on the eyes and lips, the results were an uneven, muddy mess.

When worn as a base or over other products, I didn't experience any creasing, and got about 6-7 hours of wear. If worn alone and not set with a translucent powder, the Infinitely Color will begin to fade within 2-3 hours.

The Infinitely Colors contain less than 10g and retails for 3,456 yen. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What is the Use of a Booklet without Pictures...Maquia Xmas 2017 book

Finally, I'm able to scan and upload Maquia's 2017 Xmas beauty booklet. Let's go through and shop the pages together.

Chanel Holiday is totally up my alley. All the reds, the splash of greens, I die! I reserved the entire collection, and it should be arriving any day now.

Another collection I was ogling, Dior Holiday. With the exception of the holiday sets, and one lipstick, I got a majority of the collection.

From YSL Holiday, the only thing that piqued my interest are the two polishes. However, when I tried them at the counter, I didn't like the gritty texture of the red. Therefore, I only picked up the gold. All other brands on this page are a skip.

If you frequent my Instagram, you'll know I'm head over heels in obsessed with Cle de Peau Holiday <3<3<3 Clinique and SK-II failed to grab my attention.

With the exception of Guerlain, all over brands are a no. It's been a while since a Guerlain collection has drawn me in; Shame because it's a brand I used to adore.

Shu's Mario Bros. collection kinda leaves me scratching my head. The exterior packaging gives me  more of a summer release vibe than Christmas. Going to mosey along this entire page.

The only items I'm considering from this page are Laduree's Makeup Coffret IV in 101 and the Body Care Set (because the scent intrigues me).

Still have one more day to make up my mind on Lunasol. I totally forgot about M.A.C Holiday, and once I noticed its release, everything was gone. The Coffret D'OR is too boring.

Still contemplating on Bobbi Brown, passing on Esprique, and Addiction need to step up their holiday game. All the shades in the palette are uninspiring for a brand I love.

A big YES to everything on this page. I have everything from NARS reserved, purchased all of THREE and Suqqu.

I need to see the Armani palette in person, and Chicca is a pass.

That burgundy-red shadow from Decorte is calling my name, as well as some products from Jill Stuart and Etvos (I need to post the products I own from this brand).

Visee is a strong maybe.

Got Celvoke, and Mimc looks promising.

Need to head to my local Sabon and check out this scent.

On the fence about Kesalan Patharan.

Givenchy is one of my all-time favorite brands! I got everything I wanted from the holiday collection.

What collections are you interested in, or have purchased already? 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wings, Don't Fail Me Now! China Glaze Bat My Eyes

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Blogger? I posted my Halloween mani and look before the night was over from my cell; however, when I got on tonight I saw both entries were blank. Maybe my account is possessed :P

Batty, batty, batty! From China Glaze's 2013 Monster's Ball Collection, this year's Halloween mani is Bat My Eyes.

Got some 3D Halloween nail stickers from loft.

I hoped my nail would be long enough by Halloween (I had to cut my nails after chipping the nail of my finger finger, which broke again the morning of All Hallow's Eve), as I hate how glitter polishes look on short nails.

Bat My Eyes is a murky, black jelly base, laden with various shapes and sizes of tarnished gold glitter, as well as some sparse gold and coppery-orange bar glitter. Two coats covers the nails completely. The finish is a little dull; thus, a top coat is required to resurrect that enthralling sparkle.

Looking to match the polish, I went with the red lips with exposed fangs with trickling blood sticker.

What did you wear on your nails this Halloween?

Monday, October 30, 2017

What is the Use of a Booklet without Pictures...Biteki 2017 XMAS booklet

Hey guys,

I picked up several magazines over the weekend, and I wanted share all the lovely beauty images from Biteki's 2017 XMAS booklet. Hopefully, I won't blow up Blogger with the upload of this image heavy post.

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